Showing the potential of Formic Acid as a sustainable energy carrier

Hello! We are Team FAST (Formic Acid Sustainable Transportation), an enthusiastic, multidisciplinary student team of the University of Technology Eindhoven. Our ambitious plan: build the world’s first car on Formic Acid!

Sustainable energy as a standard



Team FAST envisions a world in which sustainable energy is the standard, without it having a negative impact on our society, economy and habits. We will make this possible by using smart technology and the ambition and faith of young, talented students. Team FAST will create a system that facilitates sustainable energy use and stimulates its adoption by the industry and consumers.



The goal of Team FAST is to raise awareness among the general population and make Formic Acid the safe, sustainable and standard energy carrier for the future. Formic Acid is a sustainable, safe and energy dense liquid that can be used to store energy.



In order to introduce Formic Acid as a fuel in the market, we will use it in the mostly widely known and visible application: transport. Cars and busses are the most recognizable application for the general population. Therefore, transport will be the main focus of Team FAST and the goal is to have a city bus powered by Formic Acid before the end of 2016.