Showing the potential of Hydrozine as a sustainable energy carrier

Hello! We are Team FAST (Formic Acid Sustainable Transportation), an enthusiastic, multidisciplinary student team of the Eindhoven University of Technology. Our goal is to build the world’s first bus on hydrozine. A new liquid and sustainable fuel that can power the future!

Our goal and project


Vision & Goal

Team FAST envisions a world with sustainable energy as the standard, without having a negative impact on our society, economy and way of life. The goal of Team FAST is to raise awareness of the existence of the alternative energy carrier hydrozine. Team FAST will do this by creating a system which can easily be implemented in the current infrastructure and therefore in the current way of life.



After building Junior, a one meter scalemodel, to prove that it is possible to drive on Hydrozine, it is time to scale up our system. Currently we are building REX, a 25 kW range extender strong enough to power a city bus. With REX we want to show the strength of Hydrozine and show it applicability in different industries. Click here to read more about the project so far.



Team FAST is a multidisciplinary team that consists of over 30 ambitious students from the TU Eindhoven and Fontys. The team originates in the Honors Academy of the TU/e. For more information about the team and its members, click here. If you are interested in working on this project and making this technology a success, send an e-mail to

Our Technology



Hydrozine is an energy carrier that mainly consists of formic acid. Hydrozine can be created through a chemical reaction between hydrogen and carbon dioxide. Later on, when Hydrozine is used, electricity is produced. This electrical power can be used towards multiple ends, for example propelling a vehicle forward. Click here to read more about Hydrozine and its advantages.



Hydrozine can be made out of CO2 and water. Sustainable energy is used to convert the water into hydrogen and oxygen. After this, the hydrogen and CO2 are combined. In this way Hydrozine is created. Team FAST is part of a Consortium that is developing a continuous process to produce Hydrozine, using only materials from sustainable sources, like CO2 from manure plants and electricity from windmills. Click here to read more about the production of Hydrozine.



In order to introduce Hydrozine as a sustainable fuel to the world, the most broad and well-known application is used: transportation. Cars and busses are the most visible application for people. However Hydrozine can be also be used for other applications, like powering a greenhouse. Click here for more information on other applications for Hydrozine.

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