What is the price of Hydrozine?

Currently, Hydrozine costs about €0.50 / L.

What is the energy density of Hydrozine?

This is based on the hydrogen weight percent, which is around 5%. Using the produced hydrogen to form water, 7.6 MJ/L is released. This corresponds to 2.11 kWh / L, a more used unit in for example battery technology. This is a fixed value, since it is an intrinsic property of Hydrozine and unfortunately we cannot alter that. By way of comparison, hydrogen has an energy density of 0.75 kWh / L and batteries can contain 0.57 kWh / L.

Why wasn't this invented or used earlier?

Until recently, catalysts were not powerful, stable or usable enough to produce high quantities of hydrogen gas. Some had a low lifetime, after that the catalyst would break. Some others produced carbon monoxide (CO), which destroys the fuel cell. During recent research, new catalysts that are this powerful, stable and usable were discovered.

Is Hydrozine safe?

Hydrozine has a high flashpoint, which means that Hydrozine is not easily flammable. Under ambient conditions, it behaves as a liquid, meaning no high pressures are present in our system.

Why do you not use another chemical as a hydrogen carrier instead of Hydrozine?

Several reasons exist to not use alternatives such as having to work under pressure, slow hydrogen production, CO production, low efficiency, safety and energy density. Hydrozine, in our view, has the highest potential as a truly economically feasible substitute to fossil fuels compared to its sustainable peers.

Why do we need sustainability?

The earth is heating up at a relentless rate, mainly due to rising carbon dioxide emissions. We need to stop these emissions and one place to do so is in the transport sector.

Does it work already - Proof of principle?

We presented a proof of principle in January 2016, the FormAuto Junior.

What are you working on right now?

A city bus that is powered by Hydrozine.

What are your future plans?

A new student team will come and start with a new project related to Hydrozine. That team will determine what innovative breakthrough they will engineer.

Why are you a non-profit foundation?

We are non-profit because we are a student team that is working completely for free! We do this because we want to make the world sustainable and we love this project and its technology.

Do you have patents?

Not yet! However, we might in the future.

What is your go-to-market time?

We do not know either. Currently we are exploring our opportunities.

(In) what competitions have you participated/prizes did you win?

Check this page to find out!

Where are you located?

The address of the workshop is Automotive Campus Helmond, Automotive Campus 30, 5708JZ Helmond.

The address of the office is Multimedia Paviljoen, Horsten 1, 5612AX Eindhoven.

I want to use photos of you prototpe, where can I find them?

We have an Instagram page. You are free to use the pictures. We’d like to hear from you when you use our picture.

I want to help you reach your goal, what should I do?

Your best bet would be contacting us via here.