Generator Applications

Team FAST is working on a Hydrozine-2-power system. The system can not only be used as a trailer behind a city bus, but also as a stand alone generator. Together with Horticulture company Van Rooij Team FAST is working on worlds first Hydrozine system in the horticolture. Team FAST will modify the system in such a way that it is also applicable for the needs of greenhouse. During the pilot, multiple tests will be runned at the Van Rooij Greenhouse. The goal is to prove that generator applications are possible and to study the feasability of these applications.


In the image above the entire chain is drawn out. Hydrozine can be produced with water, electricity and CO2, originating from a manure plant or a bio fermentation. This is biogenic and thus sustainable CO2. The hydrozine can then be delivered to the greenhouse and used when needed. With the Team FAST prototype the hydrozine can be converted to water, CO2, electricity and heat. These can potentially all be used in the greenhouse: water and CO2 are needed for the plants, heat to warm up the greenhouse and electricity to run the entire greenhouse. A completely sustainable greenhouse is created.

SER Impuls

The project is co-financed by SER Imupls. This is a cluster from companies, knowledge institutes and governmental organizations. The goal is to boost research and technology in the area of energy in the built environment. The project of Team FAST perfectly fits the goal of generating green electricity with the use of an innovative generator.