Ambassadors of our project

Several persons have shown great interest in our project and express their passion. Spreading the word for sustainability and innovation that is involved in this project. Our ambassadors are highlighted below.

Dr. ir. Bart Somers


“Currently there are several propulsion technologies that claim to contribute to a more sustainable future. Where Team FAST distinguishes itself from the rest is the wide range of applications. Contrary to many others, this technology might be applicable to commercial transport such as trucks, busses and boats. I am looking forward for what Team FAST has to offer the coming year.”

Prof. dr. ir. Maarten Steinbuch

prof. Maarten Steinbuch, W TUe, hoogleraar Regel- en Systeemtechniek, thema trekker strategic area Smart Mobility

“If this student team FAST is successful, their technology can realize a major breakthrough in hydrogen fueled cars. This technology has the advantage of using a liquid under atmospheric pressure, and therefore fits in the existing infrastructure. Team FAST has made a good start and I am curious to see the progress!”

Dr. ir. Rick Harwig

dr Rick Harwig

“Team FAST started off as a small group of ‘honours’ students which I supervised , and it is great to see how they have grown over the last year. They try to tackle an important question in the field of energy: how do you use stored energy in Formic Acid efficiently in applications such as transport. “

Advisory board

Carlo JT van de Weijer

Carlo van de Weijer-7942

Carlo van de Weijer (1966) has a Master degree in Mechanical Engineer from the University of Technology in Eindhoven and a PhD degree from Technical University in Graz. He started his career in 1990 at TNO Automotive, moved to SiemensVDO in 2001 to head the Eindhoven automotive navigation development lab, since 2007 part of TomTom. Currently, Dr. Van de Weijer is director of the Strategic Area Smart Mobility at Eindhoven University of Technology, alongside his work for TomTom. He is, amongst others, board member of ITS Netherlands, AutomotiveNL and the EU ITS Action Plan Advisory Board and member of the supervisory board of several hightech companies.

Piet Berkhout

Piet Berkhout

Team FAST has embraced the challenge to show that Formic Acid can be used as an effective storage medium for energy by fueling automotive vehicles. The enthousiastic multi-disciplinary student team pairs an entrepeneurial environment with challenging goals.

In my carreer in the high-tech electronics industry I have managed and supported organisations to succesfully bring (first-of-a-kind) products to the market based on emerging technologies, such as optical disc, CCD sensors and MPEG2 video.

As an independent advisor of the foundation Ondernemersklankbord I support SME businesses and initiatives. It is a pleasure and a challenge to support Team Fast as a member of their Advisory Board.

Harry Verhaar

Harry Verhaar 240614-365

The world faces a wide range of challenges, many of which have been captured by the UN Sustainable Development Goals that were launched in September 2015. The best way to address these is to find innovative technologies, policies and business models for the way we provide sustainable energy solutions that ‘drive’ our society today and in the future. This what I focus on in my work at Philips Lighting, and this is what makes it a pleasure to support Team Fast. Another motivation to having joined the advisory group is that such an initiative led by young innovators and entrepreneurs will shape and provide the future leaders and workforce we need.

Godfried Puts

Godfried Puts

Godfried combines entrepreneurship with a job at AutomotiveNL. Within AutomotiveNL he is responsible for the electric mobility agenda, which now also includes the coupling between mobility and energy. Apart from this, Godfried also shares responsibility for the cooperation between the industry and education and the development and execution of a national innovation program for the Dutch automotive industry.

Mike Metcalfe

Mike Metcalfe

Dr. Mike Metcalfe was a senior policy adviser to the South Australian Government. His research on ‘concept-driven’ planning for innovation has been used by numerous organisations both public and private. It is outlined in his recent books, ‘How Concepts Solve Problems’ and ‘Smart Imitation Remix,’ and summarised on his YouTube channel.

Team FAST Family

In order to make our technology a success it need to have a broad support. We need YOUR help to make our technology work. You can support us by sharing our story on- and offline. During June in 2016 everyone was able to support Team FAST with a donation on the crowdfunding website OnePlanetCrowd. With an overwhelming interest and enthusiasm the people raised €10.949,00! The continuous support we get is reassuring that this is an innovation people believe in and stand by. After this crowdfunding we received reactions from people that missed the crowdfunding, but still wanted to support us. That is why we founded the ‘Team FAST Family’.

You can already become a member of the Team FAST Family from 25 euros. If you want to donate more this is of course possible and much appreciated. As a member of the Team FAST Family you receive a 3D-printed keychain with a small car and a brochure. Beside this, you get updates about the progress of Team FAST and are added to the ‘Team FAST Family’-list on the bottom of this page. You become a member of the Team FAST Family by transferring the amount of money you want to donate to the current account of Team FAST.

NL10 RABO 0306 4282 10 attn. Stichting Team FAST also stating ‘Team FAST Family + your name

Afterwards send an email with your name and address details to, such that we can send you the tokens of appreciation. Thank you for helping us in making the world more sustainable!


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