Team FAST is currently working on a life-sized bus that runs on Hydrozine. Before starting on the actual bus, we developed a scale model of one meter in length. This small prototype is the FormAuto Jr. , depicted below. We built this prototype as a proof of concept. It produces about 25 Watts in power and was revealed in January 2016. This created a lot of media attention, from Discovery Channel to Russia Today. A small collection can be found here.

de Formauto Junior, een schaalmodel auto die rijd op mierenzuur van Team FAST, studententeam van de TU Eindhoven (Automotive / Scheikundige Technologie) 
foto: TU/e, Bart van Overbeeke // 
Model Car on Formid Acid.

A real sized bus of course uses a lot more power than 25 Watts. We need a thousand times more power to make the bus move! To upscale the process, we moved to a new location to test the device. This location is in Helmond, at the Automotive Campus.

To make our Hydrozine powered bus, we receive a lot of help from our partners and relations. We want to thank our partners, backers and spokespersons. We are working as FAST as possible to finish this bus, thanks to our devoted volunteers that do this in their free time next to studying!


We choose to convert an electric bus because of several reasons. We see around us that electric driving is getting more and more popular. However, this is mostly for personal transport and not for large cargo transport or heavier vehicles. To become truly sustainable, we need to change ALL the vehicles. Therefore, we want to contribute to the transport revolution, where heavy vehicles can drive sustainable too!

In the beginning of July an showcase event will be held where everyone interested is welcome! For more information on the Showcase REX event, click here.