Vision & Goal

As you read this, the world around us is changing. To make sure future generations can live in a peaceful manner on this planet, we need a climate-neutral energy system. Generating green energy from solar, wind and water is one thing, but storing it and using it where it is necessary is even more difficult. The transport sector alone accounts for 14% of yearly carbon dioxide emissions, not to mention all the other harmful substances like nitrogen oxides and soot.



“Sustainable energy as the standard”

Team FAST envisions a world in which sustainable is the standard, without it having a negative impact on our society, economy and habits.
This dream will be realized by using smart technology and the ambition and faith of young, talented students. Team FAST will create a system that facilitates sustainable energy use and stimulates its adoption by the industry and consumers.

Fundamental to our society is a stable energy supply. Inherent to our supply of green energy, however, is unstable energy generation. To make a successful transition towards a sustainable future, we need an energy carrier that can replace fossil fuels. We propose Hydrozine as a suitable candidate. Hydrozine is a liquid that is energy-dense and safe, and can be efficiently converted to electricity where and when it is needed.



The goal of Team FAST is to raise awareness among the general populations about possibilities of Hydrozine as a sustainable energy carrier and promote Hydrozine as the safe, sustainable and standard fuel of the future. Hydrozine is a liquid made of formic acid.
In order to introduce Hydrozine as a fuel to the market, it will be presented in a widely known and visible application – busses. Due to the lack of sustainable fuels in heavy transport, there is a lot to gain in terms of sustainability. Hydrozine would be a perfect fit for this sector.